Under the CryBaby Tree Project

Take a moment and imagine what must go through the minds of foster or abandoned children as they lie alone in bed at night. Do they think of all the reasons why their moms and dads didn’t want them? Do they struggle with the fear that nobody will ever want them? These thoughts are heart wrenching, but they are the reality for hundreds of thousands of children whose parents have left them to the care of others. They experience this daily, and often grow into adulthood believing the lie that they are worthless.

As an author, Sheila Booth-Alberstadt wanted to give hope to these children by creating a one-of-a-kind story that each and every child who is adopted or in foster care could relate to. Shaped by her own family experience with caring for her nieces, Under the Crybaby Tree is that story, a story she feels was not so much written by her, as given to her by the Holy Spirit to give to others.

This book tells the story of a bear named Koya who gets on the wrong path in life and brings two little cubs, Lulu and Kite, into her world of self-destruction. As Koya tries to find her way toward a healthier lifestyle, the family comes together to provide comfort to the baby cubs. Koya’s story actually tells them of the love of their Heavenly Father. The love that will never leave them. The love that can restore everything that has been taken from them.

Under the Crybaby Tree offers comfort to children who are innocent victims of their parents’ poor choices and gives families an invaluable tool in helping explain their circumstances with clarity and tenderness. It will encourage children of all ages to make wise choices in spite of life’s everyday temptations. It will also teach them that with all choices, there are consequences that follow. This story is a positive reminder to aspire to honorable family values.

But most importantly, Under the Crybaby Tree leaves the reader or hearer with the overwhelming reminder that we are never rejected by our Heavenly Father and that He is waiting for us to receive His Love so that we can be fully restored and experience the joy only He can give.

You can be a part of sharing this message. There are approximately 450,000 “reported” foster care children in the United States. Our goal at SBA Books is to give every one of them a beautifully illustrated, hard cover, quality bound book as a reminder that they are never alone, and are loved unconditionally. But we cannot accomplish this task alone. For every $8 donated, one book can be printed and shipped to one of these children.

We would like to ask you to prayerfully consider helping SBA Books get a copy of this book into the hands of every foster child.

You can make a tax-deductible donation through the Alabama Kiwanis Foundation, which has partnered with SBA Books to get this book out. Make checks payable to “Alabama Kiwanis Foundation” Please designate the check for Under the Crybaby Tree. Mail to Alabama Kiwanis Foundation, c/o Mike Brumfield at P.O. Box 7353, Spanish Fort, AL 36577. Letters acknowledging your contribution will be sent to the mailing address provided.

Individual copies of Under the Crybaby Tree are available for purchase in the Book Store. However, if you know of any organizations, agencies, or group homes who serve these children, we would like for you to contact us with their information so that we may provide copies to bless them. Please send contact information for these groups to kim@sbabooks.com.

We greatly appreciate your support, and any amount of donation will be a wonderful blessing.